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Our Band School classes officially begin in October of each year, and therefore anyone with little basic knowledge of reading or playing music is advised to wait until that annual intake. In these early classes, the student learns to read music and sound out the notes on the chosen instrument, slowly building an ability to interpret a line of notes written on a page as recognisable musical sounds. The rate of individual progress depends upon the student's commitment to regular attendance, practice at home, and a real desire to play within a musical ensemble. The rate of progress within the class as a whole depends very much on this overall commitment, but it is possible for a student to improve within months sufficiently to move up from the School and join the Band proper, depending upon the Director's assessment of the student's developing musical ability. It is generally hoped that all students in the class will have reached a level which will allow them to sit in with the Band for at least part of the rehearsal after one year of classes, but students are always welcome to return to classes for a second year in order to gain more confidence in their own ability.

If, on the other hand, a prospective student is able to read music, or learned to play a wind or percussion instrument at some earlier point and is just a little "rusty", it might be possible for that person to join the organisation at any point during the Band season (September to July). A discussion with the Band Director would determine whether the student would benefit more from joining the School at that point, or simply sit in with the Band in rehearsal.

At present, all members of the organisation pay annual dues of $30 each - collected in September from Band members, and in October from students at the start of the Band School; this cost is reduced to $15 for people joining the organisation after Christmas.

We have a number of instruments available for rental at a cost of $100 per year, payable in two instalments: September/October and January, on the understanding that the cost of any repairs that become necessary during the rental period are the responsibility of the person using them.

For more information on the PLCB Band School, contact the Band Chairman, Verlie Whitlock:

Verlie Whitlock
Petawawa Legion Community Band
71 John Street
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada K8H 1T1

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